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June 25, 2020 – Hi y’all! A heads up that Ravelry’s recent site redesign is causing a LOT of serious and dangerous visual problems for folks. Many people are reporting the colors, layout, and fonts are leading to headaches, migraines, and other non-trivial visual issues. To date, Ravelry has not addressed this issue other than placing the responsibility of solving back on the users. There are also reports of significantly less accessibility on the new site compared to the old.

In the interest of safety and inclusivity, I’ve added the option to purchase patterns here so you don’t have to use Ravelry if you can’t or don’t want to. Purchasing using the links on the pages below will NOT route through Ravelry on the front or back end.

If you are ordering here and would like your pattern linked to your Ravelry account, please put your Ravelry name in the Order Notes during purchase when you purchase and I will manually link them!

As of today, all patterns also currently remain in my Ravelry shop but this will likely change.

If there are absolutely any questions, concerns, or issues, please reach out at any time — sarah@swankyemuknits.com

Biscotti Crop

Biscotti Crop – $8.00

For more information, or to purchase the custom Biscotti Crop pattern

Biscotti was designed in the beautiful MO Sport yarn by local Nashville dyer Modus Operandi Fibers.

Modus Operandi Fibers is offering discounts on MO Sport for folks casting on their Biscotti this week!  Until Sunday July 5th, use the code BISCOTTICROP10 for 10% off 3 skeins or BISCOTTICROP20 for 20% off 4+ skeins!


Biscuit (pattern) – $8.00 USD

For more info or to purchase the custom Biscuit pattern

Scattering Sunlight

Scattering Sunlight (pattern) – $6.00 USD

For more info or to purchase the Scattering Sunlight shawl pattern

Hygge Me Close (a collaboration with Fibre Forward)

Hygge Me Close (pattern) – FREE (although please donate to Fibre Forward if you are able)

Download Hygge Me Close Now


Anfractuous (pattern) – $8.50 USD

For more info or to purchase the Anfractuous cabled sweater pattern

The Winter Tee

The Winter Tee (pattern) – $8.00 USD

For more info or to purchase The Winter Tee, the original Swanky Emu Knits spreadsheet pattern!